(Retreat Centre in Bikhar under Tashigang Dzongkhag)

Following the move of Drubthob Tongmeth Dorje to Khabti hill in 1837, a number of his disciples established a retreat centre in Bikhar in around 1953 to put their guru’s teachings into practice and meditate there.

At around the same time as for Tashi Yoesel Phu Retreat Centre in Khabti, the Community, lay monks and monks of Bikhar appealed to H.E. Gyeltshen Trulku Rinpoche to revive this retreat centre. In 1993, the doors of the Drubdey re-opened with eight monks under the name Morphu Drubdey, Morphu being the name of the surrounding mountains and of the local deity.

To date, Morphu Drubdey is regularly hosting monks who are undergoing three- to six-year meditation retreats.

While Rinpoche is financially supporting the retreat centre in its entirety with the assistance of the Bikhar Community, the royal government has recently contributed in part to the construction of two additional retreat houses which would be inaugurated in 2018.