Ngagdra Dorji Choegar, Institute for Vajrayana Studies, was founded on 26th April 2007 following a simple religious ceremony and is located above the Kurichu river and Kurizam bridge in the Mongar district.

Ngagdra Dorji Choegar (Institute for Vajrayana studies), offers final learning and tantrism courses for monks and lay monks who have to master these teachings before they are enrolled into different retreat centres.Today, it is the only Ngagdra institute established in the world to revive the tradition, after it was established once by the Kuenkhen Pema Karpo, 400 years back in Tibet.

With the foundation of Ngagdra Dorji Choegar, it has become possible for H.E. Gyeltshen Trulku Rinpoche to provide novices, monks and lay monks with the teachings and tantrism courses in a single location without having to travel from one centre to another. The practitioners after having completed three, six or nine year retreat courses also return to Ngagdra Dorji Choegar to receive further teachings and instructions from Rinpoche to pursue further meditation retreats or before being sent to monasteries or nunneries. This is mainly to ensure that practitioners, in turn, share precious teachings of Rinpoche to other novices and practitioners properly without nonconformity.

Ngagdra Dorji Choegar includes the residence of Rinpoche, a temple, a dormitory for monks and separate teaching classes such as mantra and sutra, sciences and astrology, mandala and English classes. In addition, Ngagdra Dorji Choegar holds a large number of books on Buddhism from across the world and therefore, serves as a library.

On 30th October 2015, Ngagdra Dorji Choegar and a majestic Hey Vajra statue (biggest and tallest to date) were formally consecrated by H.H. the 70th Je Khenpo Trulku Jigme Choedra. His Royal Highness Gyaltshab, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck attended the ceremony. Her Royal Highness, AshiYaetsho Lhamo accompanied His Royal Highness the Gyaltshab. The event was marked as an important event as the nation celebrated the historic 60th birth anniversary of the 4th King His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Today, Ngagdra Dorji Choegar is the only Ngagdra (Institute for Vajrayana Studies) established in the world to revive the tradition.

Currently, nearly two hundred monks are undergoing various courses and it is one of the last projects initiated by Rinpoche. As of 2018, further expansion projects are ongoing including individual retreat houses for preliminary and short-term practitioners and a guesthouse for devotees wishing to undergo shorter retreats under the guidance of Rinpoche.