Pongchola was originally called Potola, the abode of Avaloketeshvara (Chenrezig), which the deviated from the original name over the time due to defective local accent. It was called Potola as the place was blessed by Lama Tshetrim Jamtsho, the disciples of Zhabdrung Jime Drakpa as heavenly abode of Avaloketeshvara. After the demise of Lama Tshetrim Jamtsho, a mini stupa was constructed in his memory, which later enunciated with the sound of mani (mantra of Avaloketeshvara) from it and the place became somewhat renowned in the locality. This self-enunciated stupa still exists today and a Goenpa was constructed nearby with a main statue of Avaloketeshvara inside. Below the Goenpa stands the Chorten Dangrim (elongated stupa) constructed by Zhabdrung Jigme Drakpa in the memory of his late father.

Theself-enunciated stupa and Goenpa is located on top of the ridge of Mongar with stunning views around.

In 1995, Mongar Lama Neten Namgay approached H.E. Gyeltshen Trulku Rinpoche and initiated as a Lobdra (primary learning) for the monks.  However, although Rinpoche supported the Lobdra through his private fund at an initial stage, it was discontinued due to derisory management and lack of dedicated effort from the Dratshang.

Fortuitously, at the beginning of 2018, Rinpoche once again consented, as approached by Mongar Rabdey, to start the place as a Drubdey (Retreat Centre). Currently, six self-funded practitioners are pursuing three year retreat courses under the spiritual guidance of Rinpoche.