Located in Tashigang district, Khabti Goenpa was earlier known as Chiphu Goenpa. Drubthob Thongmeth Dorje, who was the descendant of Lama Kuezang Reychen, had moved from Mongar to the Khabti hill in around 1837 and established his seat there by building a temple and a retreat centre. The place prospered as the centre of religious learning. However, two generations following Drubthob Thongmeth Dorje’s passing, the Goenpa’s state began to decline.

In 1987, granting an appeal of devotees from Khabti, H.E. Gyeltshen Trulku Rinpoche revived the retreat centre and re-named it Tashi YoeselPhu. The retreat centre was further expanded in 1998 with the construction of accommodation for around thirteen disciples. It was built with the help from devoted patrons. While the retreat centre was originally designed to host lay monks, in 2004, Rinpoche decided to dedicate this retreat centre to nuns undergoing nine years of meditations after the completion of first three years at Jashar Woong in Pemagatsel. Currently, fourteen nuns are undergoing different levels of retreat courses.

At the request of a private devoted sponsor, Rinpoche additionally redesigned the entire structure of the temple including an exceptionally unique wall painting, Dampa Rigja, representing all deities that are visualized by retreat practitioners during the duration of a specific, extremely intensive five-month meditation within their three years retreat courses.

The temple also hosts a majestic 3-D mandala of longevity Buddha, Tshepagmey which can only be found in this location within Bhutan or in the world. The temple was offered to the 5th King of Bhutan and was consecrated in 2013 by H.H. the 70thJe Khenpo of Bhutan.