Gonthung is located in the middle of the Yangnyer village, facing the Tashigang Dzong. When the Retreat Centre was first founded, many ruins of deserted houses were surrounding the area since the 100 households of this village had all moved to Pema Koed, Tibet.

In 2001, Tashigang Lam Neten Singye Rinchen and H.E. Gyeltshen Tulku Rinpoche established the Togdhen Choeling retreat centre. When Rinpoche first arrived in the village, there prevailed a belief that, since the entire village left, people from the nearby community did not dare visit this place even during the day as it was said to be haunted by evil spirits. However, after the establishment of the retreat centre, it has become one of the biggest centres in the region and there are no longer signs of evil spirits. The retreat centre houses a monastery, a Mahakala temple and retreat houses for sixteen practitioners. Togden Choeling is a centre of the nine Kerim and five dzogrim practice meditations. It is supported by the royal government. The temple within Togden Choeling is surrounded by eightstupas built to protect the place from local spirits and holds the biggest 3-D Chakrasamvara mandala in Bhutan which is twenty-two feet of height and thirteen feet of length. People from across the world have the unique opportunity to pay homage to this sacred place. Today, fourteen monks are undergoing six-year meditation at Togden Choeling. However, retreat centre was handed over back to Tashigang Rabdey as their wishes.